Rail and Transit Systems
Electric Vehicle Transportation Systems
Driver and Traveler Support Systems
Security and Monitoring Systems
Transportation planning and System Optimization
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Emergency Response Systems and Technologies
Systems of Supply Chain Performance Measurement
Controlling Methods for Supply Chains
Benefit Allocation of IT based Performance Drivers among Supply Chain Partners
Efficiency of Profit and Risk Sharing in Supply Chain Networks
Performance Aspects of Logistics Node Design
The interrelationships between management methods and supply chain performance
Measurement of Soft Factors in Supply Chains
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as Supply Chain Performance Driver
Performance Effects of Infrastructure Management
Sustainability and Supply Chain Performance
Innovative Concepts for Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Transportation Networks
Managing Logistics Service Quality
Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Supply Chains
Risk Management and SC Performance
Implications of Bottlenecks for Supply Chain Performance

The Impact of Complexity on Supply Chain Performance

Theory and Applications of Transportation engineering
Traffic Control and Information Technology
Transportation and Socioeconomic Development
Transportation Security, Environmental Protection, and Sustainable Development
Urban Public Transportation Planning and Management
High speed Railway Planning, Construction, and Operation Organization
Transportation Safety
Transportation Planning
Air Transport
Marine Transportation
Metropolitan Transportation
Freight Transportation
Energy Saving and Alternative Energy
Transportation Infrastructure (Pavements, Bridges)
Maintenance and Management of Highways
Transportation Management, Economics and Policy
Vehicle Operations
water transport

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